Find me on Nostr, its the new decentralized hotness: npub1mcneaunh0n9qy54sse0vr06nwhejzghumfjlmu3r54ugwx83qhlshqwtll

In case anyone ever tries: Docker DBs (Postgres, MySQL, Redis) do NOT play nicely with NFS mounts. I believe it has weird problems because of locking.

I've spent far more time debugging than I care to admit.

Real "back in my day" moment here but they just don't make em like they used to

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The first Transformers movie is such a nostalgic time. Such a good time for movies, there was a ton of new things being tried and it was before reboots of reboots really became a thing.

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I can’t stop thinking about the Afghan girls Robotic team knows as Afghan Dreamers. The girls with minimal resources were able to design and build low cost ventilators and their expertise were used during Covid crisis. Roya, a member of Afghan dreamers was ranked among Time’s 100 most influential people for her work in building internet classrooms in Afghan high schools.

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outlook has a very strange definition of "Favorites" let me tell you

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Listening to this 5 hour long Lex Fridman interview with John Carmack and can't turn it off.

This was also the first bake after refrigerating my starter and it was still slightly sleepy. I think next bake I'll take it our one day earlier Thursday morning so it has a bit more time to get nice and active by Saturday.

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Another from last weekend. Think I've finally gotten it nailed down to a science.

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Running was invented in 1748 by Thomas Running when he tried to walk twice at the same time

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Hey #newbies! Don't worry about how mastodon works. Just join and play. Don't worry about what 'instance' (server) you can swap later. Just come and chat. No algorithm, no suggested stuff, no ads, just us!

Toot = tweet
Boost = retweet
Star = star
Bookmark = bookmark

Added excitement, content warnings for scary shit and NSFW shit. Oh and image descriptions and the choice to hide images.
#Twexit #TwitterMigration

I never did an .. I'm David! I'm a software engineering manager for one of the large national US papers. I work with the content and API teams to make our content highly available and scalable for billions of requests per day.

I'm also a self hosting nerd mostly because of the privacy and societal problems that big closed source tech have caused. I think that users taking sovereignty over their own data is leading to a better Internet.

Aside from that I love cooking and baking 👋

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Welcome to everyone migrating from #twitter i hope y'all stick around

but to set some expectations

while mastodon is advertised as a twitter alternative it is not a drop in replacement and if you expect it to be you'll just be disappointed, there is no algorithm to find things for you, and you will not become famous here

however if you can i would highly recommend trying to stick around for more than a month, it takes patience but when you find your corner it's quite nice here (if you have a following on twitter i imagine it took a months or years to get it on twitter, don't expect mastodon to just give you a following any faster)

and you don't really need to become famous anyways here, I'd argue it's a better experience with a smaller community here

in my experience despite being much quieter than twitter it's easier to find people who'll actually interact with you here (i appeared out of nowhere a few months ago with no existing following and i still got more interaction than i got in the year i was active on Twitter)

it takes patience, but i highly recommend putting in the patience and sticking around for a few months before leaving because it didn't give you enough attention fast enough

if you expect too much you'll be disappointed, but if you temper your expectations a bit you might be pleasantly surprised by the community you find here

#twittermigration #mastotips #feditips

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M2 is a globular cluster about 55000 ly away from us in the constellation Aquarius.

One of the larger globular clusters orbiting our Galaxy, M2 contains about 150000 stars.

It's cool seeing the to . Welcome to all the new folks, hope you find your people 💜

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I got asked this by a few different journalists today, so I'm just going to share the numbers. 10,801 people signed up on different Mastodon servers today, and 22,139 since last week.

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This is a server just for my close friends and family.